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Have an announcement or event you would like us to announce or put on our website?
Use the form below to tell us about it.

 The announcement deadline is Wednesday at 5:00PM, for inclusion in the immediate Sunday Media Presentation.

Announcements can be submitted before the week they are to be presented.

Specific information should be included regarding the date the announcement is to begin and end.

Announcements should be short, impactful, and contain pertinent information.

If the ministry or person submitting the announcement provide graphics or announcement slide/ flyer, please email them to gracekvasq@gmail.com and we request they be in the following format.
Size: 1920x1080 PX
File Type: JPG
File Name: event-year-name of person submitting
(i.e. VBS-2023-GVasquez)

ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS/ EVENTS will need approval before we can add it to our website, announcement slideshow or bulletin.

ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS/ EVENTS need to be in line with the views of our church and need to represent our beliefs.

Please understand NOT ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS/ EVENTS will be posted on our website
Please understand NOT ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS/ EVENTS will be on our Sunday Morning Announcement Loop.